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New accomplishment for innovafeed and auchan’s partnership: launch of a responsible pork offering to enhance carbon footprint and animal welfare with insect oil


Aligned on the same vision since 2017 that to transform tomorrow’s food system, we will have to reinvent animal nutrition, InnovaFeed and Auchan launch today their third “insect powered” value chains with the pork, the second this year after the insect-fed chicken in June. Pork available for 5 months starting today in 4 Auchan supermarkets […]


#Auchan2022 – Episode 1: A reassuring and responsible offer with the La Note Globale


With its “Auchan 2022” business plan, Auchan Retail is starting to adapt its model, its offer and its organisation to the new expectations of consumers and citizens.


Auchan Retail sells its Chinese subsidiary SunArt to its partner Alibaba


Three years after the signing of an alliance to develop phygital food retail in China, the suitability and success of which has been well proven, Auchan Retail and Alibaba have come together to discuss the future of SunArt.With both parties noting the unique nature of the Chinese market, Auchan Retail accepted Alibaba’s proposal to acquire […]


Auchan Retail winning back city centres with Auchan Piéton


Auchan Retail France is opening three new Auchan Piéton stores in Lille following on from those already on Rue Saint Sébastien and Rue Solférino, which opened in 2018 and 2019 respectively. In keeping with its approach to living zones, the brand is expanding its online convenience store offering for its urban customers. The idea is […]


Appointments within the Worldwide Products Division


Pascale Cartier is appointed Auchan Worldwide Food Production Director Philippe-Alban Six is appointed Worldwide Non-Food Product Director Anne-Marie Ferrari is appointed Product Brand Director Auchan Retail has made the selection and design of an exclusive, unique and responsible product offering central to its Auchan 2022 business plan. To support this differentiation strategy, Thierry Aouizerate, Worldwide […]


Stéphane BERNARDEAU is appointed Compliance Director of Auchan Retail


On 8 June 2020, Stéphane BERNARDEAU was appointed Compliance Director of Auchan Retail within the General Secretariat. He will play a role in defining and applying the internal rules that comprise the company’s ethical framework and in compliance with external regulations. He will also coordinate the implementation of compliance policies at a global level, in […]


Auchan Retail signs a strategic partnership with Glovo in 4 European countries


Following the success of the test launched a year ago in Ukraine, Auchan Retail and Glovo have decided to enter into a strategic partnership in 4 European countries (Spain, Portugal, Poland and Ukraine) where they enjoy a strong presence on the ground. This partnership will allow Auchan Retail to accelerate their digital outreach and food […]


100% renewable energy supplies: Auchan Retail lays the groundwork for its ambition in France


In line with the “Auchan 2022” business plan, Auchan Retail is continuing to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has announced the signing of agreements with three companies – Voltalia, Boralex and Eurowatt – to expand the supply of green electricity (solar and wind) to 100% of its French sites by 2030. A leader in […]


Auchan Retail foundations are supporting 17 projects to combat Covid-19 and its consequences


The health crisis is hitting everywhere. In each of the countries where it operates, Auchan Retail has chosen, through its foundations, to provide exceptional support for local action led by an association alongside Auchan stores and employees. 17 projects were selected and have been allocated a total amount of €635,000. In Spain, France, Hungary, Poland, […]


UNI Global Union, Auchan Retail and Carrefour Group have signed a joint declaration on the implementation of good business practice in response to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


At a time when the world of work faces an unprecedented health and economic emergency, Auchan Retail, Carrefour and UNI undertake to communicate and work together to share best practice to prevent risks arising from Covid-19. Together, they agree to examine the introduction of all useful and appropriate measures, derived from good corporate practice, to […]


In this time of public health crisis, Auchan Retail is mobilising to help feed the population and protect its employees and customers.


Since the start of this public health crisis, we have been more mobilised than ever so that the populations of all the countries where we operate can continue to shop in the safest possible conditions. All our stores and Drives are open, and our teams are committed to serving our customers well.


Auchan Retail is expanding its commitment to the fight against plastic as a signatory to the European Plastics Pact


Auchan Retail announced today that it has signed the European Plastics Pact. This public-private initiative, led by a European network of companies, states and NGOs, aims to better streamline the use and end-of-life of single-use packaging and plastic products to limit upstream environmental leakage. Under this pact, by making the fight against the proliferation of […]