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Food traceability: Auchan Retail is launching blockchain technology internationally


As a campaigner for good, healthy and local, Auchan Retail is using blockchain technology to improve the traceability of the products along its supply chains. The initial testing in Vietnam, alongside Te-Food, a German start-up, has proved to be a success. It is now being rolled out to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Senegal. From seed to plate, information on all stages of a product’s life is now available to consumers in a fully transparent manner.


Horizon, the new generation central buying platform launches its 1st French farming supply channel for free range eggs


Fully in line with the commitments made at the government’s national Food Summit, Auchan Retail, Casino group and Schiever announce the creation of common supply channels with the farming world. The first specific supply channel will be for private label brands of free range eggs for the three companies. Horizon, a “new generation” central purchasing platform backed by Auchan Retail, Casino group, Dia, Metro and Schiever, is thus materialising its commitments made at its launch in July 2018.


The AUCHAN KIDS Christmas App is available for download!


The AUCHAN KIDS Christmas App has just been released in France and is soon to be released in 7 other countries (Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Italy and Portugal).


Auchan Retail new governance


Edgard Bonte appointed Chairman


2018 HALF-YEAR RESULTS Auchan Holding


2018 Half-year results Auchan Holding press release


Spanish group DIA joins the new generation Horizon International service platform


The new generation Horizon International service platform, formed in June this year by Auchan Retail, Casino Group and METRO, has a new member from 30 August: international group DIA. This addition underpins Horizon International’s outward-looking ambitions, reinforces its international dimension and makes it a top tier international alliance.


Strategic partnership between Auchan Retail, Casino Group, METRO and Schiever Group


Auchan Retail, Casino Group, METRO and Schiever Group announce their cooperation in purchasing, internationally and in France, and build a set of next generation purchasing platforms called “Horizon”


“OK Google, I wish to speak with an Auchan wine expert”


One year after launching its Mets & Vins (wine and meal) chatbot, which has a satisfaction rate of 82%, Auchan Retail is launching a new voice assistance service in France, which will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A first in the winetech universe,


Connected devices: Auchan Retail, Boulanger and Leroy Merlin are democratising smart homes to facilitate everyone’s daily lives. With Enki, they now have a shared ecosystem


Smart homes rely on multiple connected devices, which often run via their own specific mobile application. To simplify and secure the use of these objects, Leroy Merlin has come up with Enki: a universal application that connects to a box to manage connected objects running on various protocols across a large number of brands.


Auchan Retail and Casino Group enter into exclusive talks to build a global strategic partnership for their food and non-food purchases


Auchan Retail and Casino Group announce that they have entered into exclusive talks to build, in compliance with competition rules, a strategic partnership enabling them to jointly negotiate their purchases in France and abroad with their main multi-national food and non-food suppliers.


New appointement within Auchan Retail


Marc Grosser appointed Auchan Retail’s Human Resources Director.