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Auchan Retail 2019 Annual Report


As large retailers, we face challenging transitions on all fronts – digital, environmental, economic, societal, shifts around diet and health – that remind us of our sector’s tremendous social utility.We have to transform ourselves root and branch if we’re to continue serving society’s needs within this emerging paradigm. That’s where our Auchan 2022 business plan […]


2019 annual financial report and non-financial performance statement


Auchan Retail’s 2019 annual financial report and non-financial performance statement are consolidated in the Auchan Holding report, which can be found in the attachment.


2018 Annual Report


Every day, in every country, customers notice the difference: Auchan Retail is changing. People feel they can trust the brand. They’re taking up the good, the healthy and the local with gusto. Our shift towards “phygital” retailing – physical shops dovetailing with digital sales – is changing their lives. New-generation retail is beginning to deliver on its promise, with each of Auchan Retail’s advances driven by the expertise, boldness and engagement of its employees and of an entire ecosystem. Every day, they’re forging new pathways together to make retail the best it can be and deliver what people want. Let’s take a walk along their paths.