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Position of Auchan Retail on the pursuit of its activities in Ukraine and Russia


Operating in Ukraine and Russia for more than 15 years, Auchan Retail can only share the will of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, as he recently expressed it before the French Parliament, to strongly call for a stop to the fighting and to find the means for a quick peace.

rapport 2021

2021 annual financial report and non financial performance statement


Food, digital, environmental and economic transitions, the mass retail sector is currently being shaken up. To respond more fully to the new expectations of consumers and citizens, Auchan Retail is fundamentally transforming its business model and practices by taking into account two major newcomers: phygital and a the store’s purpose and operation within its living […]


Yves CLAUDE is appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Auchan Retail


Following on from the governance announcements made in early 2021, Yves CLAUDE was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Auchan Retail.


Auchan Russia signs a strategic partnership with SberMarket in bid to accelerate food e-commerce


Auchan Russia and SberMarket, specialists in digital commerce solutions for the Sber ecosystem, have signed a 7-year strategic partnership agreement. The object of this partnership is to speed up the development of BtoC and BtoB e-commerce in all the Auchan formats in Russia, for both food and non-food markets. In the partnership, a network of […]


ELO aligns the renewal terms of a €800 million syndicated credit line with the success of its actions to combat climate change


ELO announces the signing of its first sustainability-linked loanfor €800 million maturing on 22 October 2026 (with the option of a two-year extension), replacing the syndicated credit line maturing on 1 July 2022. Its terms are conditional on the company’s progress in combatting climate change.


Sale to the Taiwanese group PX Mart of the business of Auchan Retail Taiwan conducted under the RT-Mart brand


Auchan Retail today announced that it was selling its 64.83% stake in RT-Mart, its retail business in Taiwan, to the Taiwanese group PX Mart. This sale will be accompanied by the simultaneous sale by the Ruentex group of its own stake in RT-Mart. As a result, 95.97% of RT-Mart will be held by the PX […]


Auchan Retail 2020 Annual Report


The product is king at Auchan Retail. This belief lies at the heart of everything we do and the relationships we have with our customers.


Auchan signs a global partnership with Voltalia and its subsidiary Helexia to reduce its consumption of conventional energies and to supply with green energy


Voltalia and its subsidiary Helexia will support Auchan Retail on all its sites to contribute to its energy transition and to achieve its climate goals.


Auchan Retail, Groupe Casino, DIA, METRO and Schiever announce that they will not renew their cooperation in 2022 put in place through the structures Horizon France and Horizon International services.


After three years of collaboration and having achieved their initial objectives, Auchan Retail, Groupe Casino, DIA, METRO and Schiever, have, by mutual consent, agreed not to renew their cooperation agreements in 2022.


Auchan Retail reasserts its commitment to the fight against plastic pollution in the first year of the European Plastics Pact


As a signatory to the European Plastics Pact on 6 March 2020, we confirm our desire to encourage the reduction, reuse and recycling of plastics via an increasingly virtuous circular plastics economy model. These efforts are central to our Auchan 2022 business plan. Our current approach is based on two commitments: reducing the sources of […]


2020 annual financial report and non financial performance statement


Auchan Retail’s 2020 annual financial report and non-financial performance statement are consolidated in the Auchan Holding report, which can be found in the attachment.


New accomplishment for innovafeed and auchan’s partnership: launch of a responsible pork offering to enhance carbon footprint and animal welfare with insect oil


Aligned on the same vision since 2017 that to transform tomorrow’s food system, we will have to reinvent animal nutrition, InnovaFeed and Auchan launch today their third “insect powered” value chains with the pork, the second this year after the insect-fed chicken in June. Pork available for 5 months starting today in 4 Auchan supermarkets […]

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