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Joining Auchan Retail means placing people, well-being and passion for service at the heart of your work and life.



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Choose a company that places its teams at the centre of its Vision 2025 and does as much for its employees as it does for its customers. In an environment where consideration, listening and wellness in the workplace are the watchwords, Auchan Retail’s teams take risks, innovate, are adventurous and entrepreneurial in reinventing the retail trade by combining digital and physical stores to create an unprecedented and incomparable customer experience.


…And change your own

Auchan Retail wants to change its customers’ lives through the engagement of its employees, whose lives it also wishes to change. We believe that a business with engaged employees will have a satisfied customer base. In roles spanning from the furthest end of the supply chain to the very heart of the stores, our employees are spirited ambassadors for good, healthy and local products. They are leading the way in multiformat shopping, developing innovations in phygital retailing, playing a major role in looking after the planet, and are the driving force behind the Auchan Retail foundations.
To change our customers’ lives, we must first improve the lives of our employees. That is the purpose of our human project: taking care of employees at each stage in their career at the company, giving each employee the means to feel good about themselves, to realise their goals and to work in a worthwhile business.


1/ Join a people-centric company

Tomorrow’s world will be more connected, but it will also be more collective, more shared and more mutually supportive. Auchan Retail will be like that too. The company has chosen to reinvent responsible discount retailing to change its customers’ lives. To succeed, it above all counts on its employees and, in return, it promises to change their lives too.

“The company’s retailing practices are fair. It really does care for both its customers and employees!”
Sergio (Spain)

2/ Share in the success

A cornerstone of Auchan Retail’s history, employee shareholding encourages commitment and rewards individual effort. More than 250,000 employees in nine countries are employee shareholders, working collectively to make their company a success.

“As a shareholder in the company, I am saving for the future without any impact on my purchasing power.”
Clara (Portugal)

3/ Be an ambassador of excellence

At Auchan Retail, excellence is all about expertise, efficiency, and setting high standards for yourself and others. Competition is fierce, because shoppers have plenty of choice and they will only choose us if we deserve it. To be the best and change lives in all countries, it takes full commitment and high-quality products, services and customer relationships. As they rise to this challenge, our teams pride themselves on the excellence of Auchan Retail.

“Striving for excellence means testing yourself against the best and combining speed and simplicity in what you do.”
Angela (Spain)

4/ Initiate the phygital revolution

Everything is changing and accelerating, and innovation is now a mindset at Auchan Retail. Our “Creative Attitude” approach involves employees, ensuring that the best ideas are tried out. Our stores become experimentation grounds, combining the infinite potential of digital with the irreplaceable human relationship. So how about you? How far will you go to change customers’ and employees’ lives?

“I love working with start-ups to invent our stores of the future.”
Claudia (Romania)

5/ Feel good at work

At Auchan, wellness in the workplace is not a trend, but a long-standing philosophy turned into real action: training, job fit, diversity, positive management, profit-sharing and employee shareholding. At Auchan Retail, employee well-being is a priority because that is where our customers’ well-being all starts.

“What Auchan does every day is give other people time.”
Olga (Ukraine)

6/ Join a worldwide group

By offering young employees the opportunity to share their knowledge and develop their skills internationally in one of the 17 countries in which Auchan Retail operates, Auchan Retail is changing and adapting to meet their aspirations!

“I am going to spend 6 months in Senegal to establish our non-food offering. I am proud that I have been chosen for an experience that is unprecedented and so rewarding on a personal level.”
Camille (Luxembourg)

7/ Boost your career

Calling all graduates from the best schools and universities all over the world! The Executive Graduate Program trains Auchan Retail’s future leaders. This four-year diploma course in international retail and our corporate culture also provides access to key positions twice as fast. The course blends theory and practice, intercultural coaching and reverse mentoring to challenge the current leaders.

“I am in Poland for six months on the Executive Graduate Program where I am rethinking the customer loyalty scheme.”
Horváth (Hungary)



Within the international Finance, HR, Performance, Innovation, Efficiency, Products and Brand & Concepts departments, we are committed to implementing the Vision 2025 known as “Auchan changes lives”.

We are developing next-generation, phygital and responsible retailing that will lead to improvements in the daily lives of 8 billion people. By placing people at the heart of everything we do, we hope to restore meaning, increase the appeal of and provide a future for our businesses.

The International Product Department based in Villeneuve d’Ascq (59) has more than 800 expert, multi-cultural employees who, each day, develop products to be sold in the countries in which Auchan Retail operates.
These expert teams develop, think up, design, create, buy, test and package product ranges, and distribute them worldwide to Auchan customers.
From toys sold under the “One two fun” brand to “Qilive” household appliances, “Actuel” home furnishings and “Cosmia” beauty products, we are proud of our products and the expert knowledge used by our staff to ensure that our customers worldwide are happy with the products they buy.

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