Our business

As a next-generation retailer, we offer a new shopping experience tailor-made to each person’s needs and to each moment in our customer’s lives.


Un commerçant multiformat phygital

A multi-format phygital retailer
providing the best of both worlds


We offer smart, inventive and adaptable formats that are enhanced by the best aspects of digital retailing, adapted to all needs and to all environments. As a business led by our customers, we support them at every moment of their lives and in their shopping experience. Online at midnight, in a hypermarket on a Saturday, at all hours in automated mini-stores, or just popping downstairs to the My Auchan convenience store… The experience at Auchan Retail is different every time. The products and services on offer vary, so do the people you encounter and how it makes you feel. This mix is changing lives and enticing customers to keep coming back. A “multiformat phygital” model, meaning our 4 physical bricks-and-mortar retail formats are augmented with e-commerce to provide a reinvented shopping experience that is in line with what customers want.


< 500 m²

the daily meeting place
On the street corner, everyday shopping, a service offering that improves customers’ day-to-day lives, on-trend snacks, all with a warm welcome!


500 to 2 500 m²

the efficiency offered by self-service
In the heart of neighbourhoods, all day-to-day needs in a self-service format


More than 2500 m²

the complete experience
The greatest choice and the best innovations in a lifestyle space for the whole family


Daily shopping from home
Your groceries delivered at home, or available in drive or click and collect.


We stay on top of market trends, deciphering innovations, anticipating what customers want, being very careful about the impact our products have on our planet and our customers’ health. This is so our customers never go anywhere else, and keep buying more and more Auchan products.


food offering

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their diet has on their own health and on the health of their children. Auchan Retail has prioritised this issue and placed it at the centre of its mission: to offer its millions of daily customers a varied and accessible range of products that contribute to a balanced diet and provide eating pleasure. Auchan Retail is also focused on employee training, reformulating recipes for Auchan-branded products, selecting local, fresh and seasonal products, developing exemplary supply chains and showcasing these health-focused products in all stores. As it has experience in this area, Auchan Retail is today reaffirming its position as a campaigner worldwide for good, healthy and local products.


non-food offering

In order to continue increasing its customer numbers, Auchan Retail is developing strong brands in the main non-food sectors that are able to compete with the largest global brands, thanks to products that are designed and manufactured on an exclusive basis.


for hygiene and beauty products
Qilive for multimedia
Actuel for home furnishings and products
In Extenso for textile products


for toys
Cup’s for sport
Gardenstar for gardening products
Airport for luggage

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