Who we are?

We are a global, family group, a people-centred, successful company, a historic distributor and a next-generation retailer: we are Auchan Retail.

Our Business

A next-generation retailer

Auchan has been a committed retailer for 55 years, a changing retailer in a changing world, whose current ambition is to meet today’s purchase- and health-conscious omni-channel consumers, with the goal and desire to bring change to their lives!

Auchan is a retailer that selects its products and producers, that knows its customers and knows that no two are alike. A retailer that combines the advantages of digital technology and physical stores, to create a customised experience. A retailer whose stores are lifestyle and shopping locations and offer customers a pleasurable experience.

At Auchan, we look after our employees just like our customers, placing them at the heart of our project. Around the world, Auchan Retail’s people share the same vision of retail where attention to people and their environment prevails.






billion of consolidated revenue excluding taxes


billion of EBITDA


points of sale under the Auchan banner



*Key numbers at 31/12/2022


Notre raison d’être

Our purpose ?
We want to change the lives of 8 billion people between now and 2025

At Auchan Retail, we are certain that a world that consumes more efficiently has a better chance of being more efficient. As a result of our close involvement in daily life, we can see that the world is changing, as are consumers’ needs. We see how the planet is suffering, and the extent to which our customers, partners and employees expect practices to change. They are counting on Auchan Retail, on us, to support them. That is why we are working hard to change the lives of the planet’s 8 billion inhabitants between now and 2025, by setting the standards for next-generation retailing, which is engaged and which lays down key benchmarks. A business that improves everyone’s daily lives and allows everyone to life together more effectively.

Our business ?
We are a next-generation retailer

We are responsible campaigners for good, healthy and local products. We set an example through the quality of our exclusive products, our selected offerings, our discount prices and the excellence of our customer experience. Our increasingly customised innovations and services simplify everyday shopping and change the lives of our growing numbers of customers around the world. People, well-being and a passion for service are at the centre of everything we do. That’s how Auchan changes everyone’s lives: for our customers at the heart of our project and for our employees at work in this human adventure.

Notre métier

Our values


This is key to a working relationship that is effective, considerate and full of meaning, for all. In a constantly changing world, confidence drives us to forge deep and lasting relationships, every day.


Working to the highest standards and cultivating a similar thinking in others. Being passionate about our products, services and relationships. Excellence guides us: we do no simply strive to do better, we want to give each and everyone the best there is.


Openness is a state of mind that makes all the difference and makes change possible. Curiosity, enthusiasm, an ability to challenge oneself to invent retailing of the future, that will change the lives of the 8 billion inhabitants of this planet.


For 55 years, we have been creating a history of everyday life, fuelled by our passion for service, products and customer satisfaction and we are inventing next-generation retailing the world over.

  • 1960s, launch in the North of France
  • Gérard Mulliez opened the first Auchan store in Roubaix, naming the company after the “Hauts Champs” neighbourhood where it was located.

  • First Auchan hypermarket opened in Roncq (North of France).

  • First shopping centre opened in Englos (Lille). The shopping mall featured 30 stores, a first in Europe.

  • 1970s, growth in France
  • Creation of Immochan, Groupe Auchan's real-estate subsidiary.

  • Launch of the employee shareholding scheme in France.

  • 1980s, the start of international expansion
  • Start of Groupe Auchan's international expansion.

    1st Alcampo store opened in Spain.

  • The robin nesting in Auchan's A became the company's symbol. This was the birth of “Vie Auchan”.

  • Creation of Groupe Auchan's banking subsidiary, Banque Accord.

  • Auchan opened its first hypermarket in Italy.

  • 1990s, growth gains speed
  • A year of historic growth with 3 key events:

    • Acquisition of Docks de France, the company that owned the Mammouth hypermarkets and Atac supermarkets in France, and Sabeco supermarkets in Spain.
    • Acquisition of Pao de Açucar, the owner of the Jumbo stores in Portugal.
    • Opening of the first hypermarkets in Poland and Luxembourg.
  • Partnership with the Rinascente Group in Italy and start of the Sma supermarket chain.

  • Start of Auchan operations in Hungary.

  • Auchan opened its first hypermarkets in China.

    Launch of Auchan-branded products.

  • 2000s, 50 years of innovation and expansion

    Auchan opened its first click-and-collect outlets

  • Auchan partnered with Ruentex in China and acquired the Taiwanese hypermarkets of RT Mart.

    The first supermarkets opened in Poland with the acquisition of the Billa stores which became Elea.

    Start of online shopping with the launch of auchandirect.fr

  • Opening of the first Auchan hypermarkets in Russia.

  • Banque Accord began operating in Italy and Hungary.

  • Groupe Auchan reorganised into 4 divisions: hypermarkets, supermarkets, Banque Accord and Immochan.

    Chronodrive opened its first facility in France.

  • Launch of the Atak supermarkets in Russia and Poland.

    Opening of Banque Accord's Russian subsidiary, BA Finans.

  • Generation change in the chairmanship:
    Vianney Mulliez succeeded Gérard Mulliez at the head of the Supervisory Board.

    Creation of auchan.fr

    Opening of the first hypermarket in Romania.

  • Launch of the Jumbo online shopping website in Portugal.

  • Launch of the first Auchan hypermarket in Ukraine (Kiev).

  • Development of the supermarket format in France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

  • 2010s, the fiftieth anniversary decade
  • Groupe Auchan celebrated its 50th birthday.

  • Partnership entered into with SMG in Tunisia.

    Acquisition of 95 Real hypermarkets from METRO GROUP in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Integration of the Real hypermarkets in Ukraine, Russia and Romania.

  • Integration of the Real hypermarkets in Poland.

    Partnership entered into with CT Group in Vietnam.

  • Groupe Auchan reorganised to become Auchan Holding, comprising Auchan Retail, Immochan and Oney.

  • Launch of the Vision 2025 “Auchan changes lives”

    Development in 2 new countries: Senegal and Tajikistan

    Expansion of multi-format retailing with a single brand per country

    100th hypermarket opened in Russia

    International launch of the hygiene and beauty brand Cosmia

    The Auchan Youth Foundation celebrated its 20th birthday

  • Alibaba Group, Auchan Retail and Ruentex enter into a strategic alliance in China

    1st Auchan Bio in France

    1st Auchan Minute in China

    Acquisition of the Ukrainian retailer Karavan

    Launch of the “Campaigners for good, healthy and local products” movement

    All countries become multi-format

  • Auchan Retail France adopts a new structure adapted to its customers’ living spaces

    Auchan Retail Vietnam and Lazada enter into a strategic partnership to develop phygital food retailing in Vietnam

    Edgard Bonte is appointed Chairman

    Strategic partnership between Auchan Retail, the Casino group, Metro and Schiever to build Horizon, the next-generation central purchasing department

    Auchan Retail, Boulanger and Leroy Merlin democratise smart homes with Enki




Chairman and CEO

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